Ayat Real Estate job vacancy


Located at Ayat settlement, at Ayat county, which, not incidentally, lent its name to a far wider place in the area than actually developed by Ayat ® , these six Ayat apartments and business outlets complexes provide its residents a potent mix of tranquility and liveability. The fifteen floored Ayat apartment/business/outlets complex offers luxury apartments for sale starting from floor level four and above.
As the community of Ayat settlements has been growing for more than two decades it attracted a multitude of facilities setup by opportune businessmen near by, thus providing services that are perfectly aligned to the needs of the luxury lifestyle clients of the hamlets. Of those highly acclaimed/regarded facilities the fitness centers and shopping outfits are within walking distance of the apartments.
The magnificent location of Hill bottom apartment/business outlets complex coupled with the above creature comforts enable residents and businessmen to enjoy incomparable access and opportunity to many of the localities natural environ. In another tack, the outlets could be configured to different business ends: supermarkets, restaurants, emporiums, store, boutiques, shops etc, and entertainment facilities.

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