Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency job Vcacany

Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency (EPSA) is a government organization under the Ministry of Health established under Proclamation No. 553/2007. Article 9 of the proclamation clearly defines the powers and duties of the Agency. It states: “The Agency shall have the powers and duties to:

  1. Establish and implement efficient and effective procurement and distribution systems to deliver, by using the Drug Fund and focusing on the country’s major health problems, quality assured pharmaceuticals at affordable prices sustainably to public health institutions;
  2. Provide adequate and proper pharmaceutical storage facilities to ensure uninterrupted supply through establishing a modern storage management system;
  3. Expand and strengthen storage and distribution outlets based on equity and effectiveness;
  4. Supply essential pharmaceuticals of quality, safety and efficacy approved by the appropriate body to all public health institutions; where appropriate and in accordance with directives of the Board, supply to private and non-governmental health institutions selected pharmaceuticals which are not adequately available;
  5. Deliver pharmaceuticals directly to districts, hospitals and selected health centers through establishing an effective transport network system;
  6. Establish a logistics management information system compatible with the overall pharmaceuticals logistics system.
  7. Prepare and implement short, medium and long-term plan for procurement, storage and distribution, and monitor its implementation;
  8. Provide consultancy and training services in its field of operation;
  9. Where necessary, establish committees, guide and coordinate their activities;
  10. Collective service charges pursuant to the directives of the Board;
  11. Own property, enter into contracts and sue and be sued in its own name;
  12. Perform other activities to pursue its objectives

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