Addis Ababa university vacancy

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assistant professor


  • The vision of the Institute is:

To be one of the Top 5 Technology Higher Education institutions in Africa


The Mission of AAiT is:

  • Educating students as Leading Engineers and Entrepreneurs
  • Pursuing Research and Creativity that nurtures Innovation Powering the Economic and Social Transformation of the nation and beyond
  • Incubating Technology Transfer that improve Productivity, Efficiency and Quality of the products and services of local Industry
  • Fostering a Culture of Achievement that makes a difference in society and serve the country by advancing Scientific and Technological Literacy in the community
  • Becoming preferred International Education and Research Partner
  • Academic excellence –engaging students and faculty in knowledge creation anddissemination of innovations that transform the society. We will continually identify opportunities for learning and benchmarking best practices to excelling in its mission, and sharing our best insights with local higher education institutions
  • Professionalism- operating with the highest possible standards of professionalism andethics and seeks to provide high-quality education, research and consultancy as efficiently as possible
  • Organizational excellence – investing the resources entrusted to us optimally andefficiently, and realizing the full potential of our people in managing a capable, motivated, inclusive, and positive work environment. We seek and embrace participations from stakeholders including gender, underrepresented nations & nationalities and regions, and institutions
  • Social responsibility-striving to reach its full potential in order to fulfill its socialresponsibility through the active participation of its students and staff in community development activities and public services that bring about positive changes and contributing to social transformation
  • Accountability for public benefit-operating with integrity and transparency, andmaintaining the highest standards of performance in administration, business processes, management, and oversight
  • AAiT aspires to play a leading role in academic excellence setting standards in quality and productivity of applied sciences and engineering education, research, innovation and business incubation. We further aspire to be a driving force in the national economic growth and rural industrialization strategic plan of the nation

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