Ngo Job Netsanet Ministries

Netsanet Ministries provides loving care for special needs orphans and impoverished children in many ways, depending on their specific needs. We try to keep children within families by supporting vulnerable families.

Who We Are

Suzanne Scheuble, Founder

At the age of 11, Suzanne Scheuble felt a divine calling to care for orphans in Ethiopia. This calling became a reality five years later when she made her first visit to Ethiopia. During this trip, she encountered numerous abandoned babies, people suffering from AIDS, and children facing starvation and tuberculosis. These experiences deeply moved her, leading her to dedicate her life to serving Christ by caring for and empowering the most vulnerable. After witnessing the harsh conditions in many orphanages worldwide, Suzanne received a vision from God. This vision inspired her to establish Netsanet Ministries in 2017, with a mission to create nurturing, family-style homes for special needs orphans and abandoned children, and to prevent more children from facing orphanhood. Suzanne currently serves as the full-time executive director of the organization. She resides in Hawassa, Ethiopia, with her husband Abraham and their four children. Abraham, a doctor, also plays a pivotal role in coordinating medical care for the children and the organization.

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